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From Grandma's Kitchen To Your Plate: 5 Comfort Food To Try Pangaea Grill

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Pangaea Grill is a popular restaurant in Carmel, California, located on the iconic Ocean Avenue. The restaurant is known for bringing comfort food to you with a twist. The delicious and familiar dishes we grew up eating have been elevated with the help of seasoned chefs and the exquisite ambiance. 

Here are some of the comfort foods that we recommend trying out at Pangaea Grill.

Breakfast Burrito

Pangaea Grill is one of the most popular breakfast restaurants in Carmel and for good reason. Pangaea Grill's breakfast burrito is as wholesome as the one your grandma made for you over the holidays. The only difference is that it is better! The cheddar cheese, potatoes, and veggies are topped with exquisite sauces. Every bite makes you long for more. The simple dish is proof that nothing beats comfort food. 

Short Rib

While we love comfort, sometimes you want to have something a little heartier and that is when we recommend the short rib. Pangaea Grill, one of the most popular lunch spots in Carmel, is known for its delicious slow-cooked short rib that is served with mashed potatoes or veggies, however, you like it. Nothing says classic comfort food like short ribs. 

Chips and Guacamole

Now if you are out with your girls and you’re having drinks, it’s time to order snacks. The Pangaea Grill never disappoints with its chips and guacamole recipe. You will feel like you are fourteen again and you have invited your friends over to watch a movie. The creaminess of the guacamole and the authentic tortilla chips are so satisfying, you should be forewarned to not fill up on the appetizers!  

Chicken Parmesan

Italians are best known for their cuisine. The classic Italian dish is always a good idea and at Pangaea Grill, we are not ashamed of our love for anything. The Chicken Parmesan is ideal for anyone who is looking for a good meal and a recipe that takes you back to your roots. 

Eggs Benedict

Pangaea Grill has their eggs benedict recipe perfected. If you have a brunch reservation, you will not be disappointed by the creamy hollandaise sauce and bacon served with soft English muffins and a mimosa. 

Delicious Comfort Food In Carmel, CA

Are you craving something delicious but don't want to experiment? We understand that sometimes you just crave a burrito or some short ribs. This doesn't have to mean that you can’t eat at a cute restaurant and have an overall great experience. Pangaea Grill is one of those dinner spots in Carmel, CA,that you can get dressed up to go to just to have tacos. And we love that! 

Make a reservation today for some comfort food.